Fusion The Game


Enter the ambient neon world of Fusion: classic arcade, physics-based gameplay, dreamlike minimalist visuals, and an addictive electronic soundtrack.

Fusion has been developed as a contribution to the open source Monogame community. The game's source code are available online for free, along with supporting documentation.

Your objective is to score points by destroying enemies and remaining un-harmed. Progress though an ever increasing level of difficulty, confronting armies of enemies and avoiding black holes that warp the fabric of space.

  • Amazing and addictive electronic soundtrack.

  • Simple classic arcade gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours.

  • No in-app purchases.

  • Watch as the laws of space and time bend with an exciting 2d physics system.

  • Simple on screen thumb stick controls make for excellent manoeuvrability and independent aiming.

  • Cross platform compatibility; iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

  • Full HD support.




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